16years old girl forcefully raped by one Policeman.

A Queensland teenager who
was raped by an Italian policeman in the man's home
while staying there through a couch-surfing website has emotional issues and difficulties with relationships,
her mother says.

Dino Maglio has been
sentenced in the Italian city of
Padua to six-and-a-half years
in prison for his crime against the then 16-year-old.

He attacked the girl while she and her mother stayed at his
home after they met through an
online site, which offers free accommodation for

The mother said she had
been hoping for a better outcome in the case and just wanted to see the end of it. "I'm not even sure yet if [my
daughter's] aware of [the sentencing]," she told the ABC.

"I don't even want to
necessarily talk to her about
it too much because it's upsetting for her."

Maglio admitted to having spiked the girl's drink and to
having sexual intercourse
with her while she was under
the influence, but claimed the
sex had been consensual.

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