Rain & Sex: Why she needs you now (1)

The rainy season has begun.Oh the joys. For some it’s a
blessing, their tanks and drums will
now be filled with water.For others, it’s a curse.
But, undoubtedly, there are a huge number of folks, old and young,
male and female, who enjoy this season for pleasurable purposes.

Yesterday in the city of ibadan,Southwestern Nigeria there was a heavy downfall that really left us all wet from suit to pant.

Down there under my brown blanket shaking around 11:29pm about to sleep,my earwaves stuck on a strange sound like ashh! hosh! lahoww!, i begin to wonder what can it be?

My first thought was maybe it was my room mate that bastard little rat who comes only at night to rip my nails off whenever am asleep but ohh i was wrong it was my neighbour's girlfriend who just came in to visit him this week.

My body got spined and i felt lonely, only for my baby to send me a chat saying "i miss you" then i stopped and ponder about it with a question left on my mind RAIN,WOMEN,SEX?

cont. in my next post today.
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