Rain & Sex: Why she needs you now (2)

Still on my mind, i switch on my PC wanting to why women really want sex during this season.

I stumbled on of Mrs Funmi Akingbade write-ups, where i learnt that exposure to cold weather and a little sunlight elevates the production and secretion of melanocyte stimulating hormone, which has been linked to increased sex drive in women.

This explains why women in particular crave for sex during the raining season. Serotonin, a feel-good neurotransmitter produced by the brain,also may be responsible for heightened mood and sex drive during the rainy season.

According to her one particular wife said,‘To me, making
love with the sound of rain outside is so romantic I always fantasise the rhythm of the rain with the thrusting in and out of my husband. It’s so awesome. As his energy builds, there is also an improvement in the physical sexual pleasure within me.

Women are not the only victims during this season.Men also groan,beg and thirst for sex too.

Finally,she needs it, give it to her.

Have a nice day.
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