Sex in the church (1)

Church is booming and more new shepherds called pastors flock the vineyard of the most high God looking for sheeps to tender.
Next to my street there rise a new billboard directing people to the new auditorium of the new metuselah kingdom parish.

Some erect buildings, while some rent room space,office or shop even kiosk. As if the almighty God is sending out BBM broadcasts or tweets to every nooks and cran of the earth.

In Nigeria today, you will agree with me that what is trending now is building church camps. From the Redemption camp to the gate opening shiloh ground and many more being built nationwide,going to this venues one might imagine being among the gathering of the saints where everybody you meet exchange greetings calling each other brother paul and sister deborah saying it is well.

But is it all well with the church?

What is the true picture of today's church?

To be continue in my next post on sexual matters on thursday
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