Things guys should do to keep girls gunning to date you.


1. It's all about presence. It really doesn't matter what you look
like; you can still become a lady
magnet! Stop being afraid of approaching women that you're
interested in. After all, what do you
have to lose? If you really think about it, you have EVERYTHING to gain so take a risk and just go for it!

2. Be confident! Women are attracted to men who are conscious of the dynamics of their
personality. Confident men are irresistible!

3. You need to actually listen when she speaks

4. Stop moaning about your life.

5. What you wear makes a huge difference.

6. Sexy hair totally counts

7. Turn on your sex appeal

8. Personal hygiene is a must,no lady wants to date a dirty,stinky smelling odour guy.

9. No one cares about your money.Stop trying to be posh, not all female like it or else you look arrongant or proud to them

10. Just be yourself

Hope you 've learnt something?

If yes

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