Togo holds elections, fifty years old long serving president family may return again

Voters in Togo went to the polls yesterday in an election expected to return current President Faure Gnassingbe to office and extend his
family's hold on power in the west African nation to more than fifty years.

Gnassingbe took office in 2005 after
tense elections that led to violence
resulting in the deaths of hundreds. This year's election has been largely

Four challengers are opposing Gnassingbe, led by official opposition leader Jean-Pierre Fabre, who finished second in the 2010 elections.

Turnout was close to 40 percent, according to local election observers, a figure well below what election analysts say would be required for Fabre to achieve an upset. Partial results could begin coming in at night.

There is no constitutional limit to the number of terms a president can serve
in Togo.

Gnassingbe took over power from his father, Gnassingbe Eyadema,
who had ruled since 1967.

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