Woman killed by former resident after rape attempts.

A woman who managed a Bronx homeless shelter was
killed after a deranged former
resident sexually assaulted her at gunpoint and then shot
her as she fled naked trying to escape him, police sources said Tuesday.

Ana Charlie’s nude, bullet-riddled body was left on a desolate stretch of Bullard
Avenue,USA shortly after the twisted attack by ex-con West
Spruill, who laid-in-wait to ambush the woman as she
walked to her car on Monday, sources said.

“She lived for people, had a great heart,” said Gary Alcendor, the woman’s devastated former boyfriend.

“She lived mainly for her two kids.”

Charlie, 36, had just left her job at the shelter on Bronx
Boulevard near Nereid Avenue in Wakefield around 5:45 p.m. and was walking to her car
parked a block away when the maniac pulled a gun on her
and ordered her to get in the backseat and take off her
clothes, police sources said.

Spruill also stripped naked and tried to rape the mother of two
before she managed to escape but later killed.

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