50Cent in a mess,as his goon's stole a million dollar bling

50 Cent is smack in the middle of a
criminal investigation after a guy
claims 50's goons pistol whipped him
and stole a quarter of a million dollars
in bling.

Robert Marin, who owns LAX Jewelry Co., tells TMZ he went to Vegas during fight weekend because
he wanted to sell the rapper a watch
and chain worth $250K.

Marin says he met 50 at Drai's nightclub, showed him the jewelry and 50 was in, but they needed to negotiate a price.

Marin says they stayed at Drai's until
the wee hours Saturday and 50's crew invited him to see Floyd Mayweather's
gym ...an offer he couldn't refuse.

Marin claimed when they arrived things turned ugly. He says 2 of 50's guys pistol whipped him, stole the
jewelry and fled.

Marin has filed a
robbery report and Vegas cops are

50's people say the
story is BS ... his attorney Scott
Leemon tells TMZ,

“On behalf of 50, I can adamantly deny that he or his security had anything to do with these baseless and false allegations.”

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