Boys Aged 9 & 10 murders 23years old youth

Two boys, aged nine and 10, killed a 23-year-old youth by slitting his throat with a broken beer bottle following an argument in Govindpuri area of southeast Delhi India.

The victim, Sanjay Kumar, tried to run away with his throat half slit but died out of excessive bleeding. The attack was reported on Friday night, when the boys came to Kumar seekingalms.The victim, who owned a flower shop at the Kalkaji temple, was having a drink outside another shop. When he refused, the children threatened to kill him. Kumar slapped one of the boys, which led to a scuffle in which one of them hit Kumar on his head with a beer bottle while the other pounced on him, witnesses said.

Witnesses said the two boys who killed a 23-year-old florist, Sanjay Kumar, showed aggression beyond their years. One of them sat on Kumar's chest and cut his throat with a broken bottle.Kumar pushed the boy away and tried to flee, but collapsed on the way. Witnesses said the cut was deep and had half-severed the neck."He refused to allow us to take him to hospital and fell unconscious.He was finally taken to hospital by the police," said Rohtash Kumar, a shopkeeper in the area. Kumar was declared dead on arrival.

A case of murder has been registered at the Govindpuri police station and the boys were apprehended from the Kalkaji temple. During interrogation, they said their fathers were rickshaw pullers and that they had fled their homes in Madanpur Khadar a year ago. They used to stay at the Kalkaji temple and beg for alms. Locals at the temple claim the children were addicted to drugs. They knew Sanjay as he used to share his food with them occasionally.

Sanjay is a resident of Sanjay Camp near Okhla Industrial area.The children are being counselled and have been sent to a juvenile justice home. Efforts are being made to trace their family members,police said.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, most juveniles found involved in heinous crimes are aged between 14 and 17. NCRBdata shows
around 28,000 juveniles had committed crimes in 2013 and of them, 3887 had allegedly committed heinous crimes.

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