Buhari to be sworn in as President today.

Muhammadu Buhari
becomes Nigeria's new head of state
today Friday, in an unprecedented
ceremony after he won the first
opposition victory over a sitting
president in the nation's history.

The 72-year-old takes charge of
Africa's largest economy,which
is facing crises on several fronts,with
Boko Haram's still-raging Islamist

The inauguration, before visiting
heads of state and dignitaries, comes 32 years after the former
army general seized power in a military coup.

He was ousted after
20 months in office.
Buhari has described himself as a
"converted democrat" and vowed to lead an administration committed to the needs of Nigeria's 173 million people by cracking down on the
scourge of corruption.

But analysts said his first task may
be managing the expectations of a
nation that has struggled for
decades with woeful infrastructure,
crippling unemployment and
widespread unrest.

Culled from News24
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