Female Body language men should know (4)


There’s any number of ways to
interpret a social encounter, but
the lightest of touches can be the
most significant of signals.

Most times, girls don’t like being touched; if you ask them what their No. 1 turnoff is — in regards to the night scene and clubs — it’s
usually men who take the ill-advised initiative to touch them.

They’ll put a friendly arm around a
woman, put a hand on her shoulder while talking or lean in
for a hug when it’s completely unwarranted. Girls aren’t often
interested in this confident stance.

Hence, it makes perfect sense to realize that when she puts a hand on your forearm or purposely brushes up against
you, things are going quite well.

Any experienced Player knows
that when a woman laughs,places a gentle hand on his arm and looks him in the eye, he has clearance for go-ahead maneuvers.

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