Female body languages men should know. (3)

She inches closer:

Some of the more liberal women will simply toss themselves into
your lap, but they’re either drunk
or the “liberal” label is simply a nice word for “slut.”

Most ladies will keep themselves at a certain distance when a guy first approaches them, which is why
you should watch that gap very closely. The key is to keep your distance.

Maintain the aforementioned gap and resist the urge to move closer, and as
your conversation progresses see if she begins to shift.
Perhaps you’re sitting next to her in a booth (just beware the signs if you’re not prepared to shell out), and initially she’s a few feet to your left.

However, she has laughed a few
times, participated in the discussion, smiled with her eyes,
and when she thinks you’re not looking, she’ll make the shift. It’ll be very subtle, a few inches at most.

But it should continue if you stay the course.
By the time your
legs are touching, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s a win.


Have a nice day
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very interesting and very real, it's quite helpful

Congrats bro Braveheartnaija you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...