Female Sexual Body Languages men should know.

This week on Kikesblog, i will be sharing some female body languages that guys should understand. Enjoy!

Lang 1

She maintains eye
contact: A woman will immediately find shifting eyes off-
putting, but at the same time she usually averts her own gaze.
Perhaps it’s biological or even chemical; when a male is
expressing his interest and future
intentions, the female will sometimes drop her eyes and blush. Obviously, not all women respond in this fashion, but you
can bet your very last kobo that all women will fix you with a certain look when things are

The trained ladies'
man knows this look; it usually comes at you from under the

There’s the quirk of a
smile playing at the corners of her lips, and she appears seconds away from an outright wink.

The gaze is steady, seductive and,
above all else, clear. Go.Have Fun

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attention to/with
her hands

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