Female Sexual Body Languages men should know (2)

She draws attention to/with her hands:

Now, here’s where you need to make the distinction.When
nervous, women will often have nervous hands; they will
unconsciously fix hair that doesn’t need fixing, or adjust a part of their outfit that doesn’t need adjusting.

However, these
are unconscious movements she
actually wishes you wouldn’t spot, and I’m talking about the
very conscious ministrations she
fully expects you to catch.

Veteran Players realize women have an eye on the man at all times, so when she knows you’re
looking at her and that slender hand moves slowly up her thigh, the sign may as well be 50 feet
high and flashing neon.

Mind you, she will never be looking directly at you during these moments—
it’s all part of the game.

Maybe that hand is on her neck during a
mock stretch where she arches her back; maybe her fingers lightly brush her lips.Whatever it is, you had best not miss it.

There are more body language signs that lead to sex coming up next tomorrow on my blog.

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