FIFA: Blatter wins again.

Sepp Blatter won FIFA presidential re-
election for an unprecedented fifth term as challenger, Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan, conceded after failing to win by a two-third majority in the first round of voting on Friday.

At FIFA’s 65th Congress in Zurich, the 209 member nations cast their votes and the 79-year-old Blatter garnered
133 votes to Prince Ali’s 73 of the 206
valid votes cast, but failed to win the
two-third majority on the initial vote (more than 139 out of 209).

At that point, Prince Ali addressed the
voting members and conceded.

“It has been a wonderful journey in
terms of knowing you and working with
you, seeing the challenges you have
and I want to thank in particular those
of you who were brave enough to
support me,” Ali said in conceding the election.

“But, having said that I will be withdrawing from the race. Thank you all very much and I wish you all the best
of luck for the future.”
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