I may lose my virginity soon - Adokiye

Beautiful Adokiye Kyrian,peace ambassador, architect, singer and actress, made the news last year,when she revealed to the world that she was still a virgin at 25.

Not a big deal, but in this jet age where youngsters want to get high, real fast and be done with so much is so little time, it is nothing but a big deal.

(Excerpt from Vanguard)

We got talking
again on Tuesday on
a lighter note,and
she was joking about bringing a groom price for one of my dashing sons.

Jokingly too, I returned that she must have to bring me a jet to give the hand of my son to her in marriage(remember, she said the man who will deflower her will have to buy her mum a private jet she promised her). Then, with a tone that had a bit of seriousness about it she dropped the bomb. “I will let that go soon(meaning her virginity)”, she said, with a wary smile.

When I heaved a sigh of surprise, she surprised me more by adding “ what’s the point of having all the endowment and not enjoying life as a woman.

Guys una welldone!
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