Reasons why you are still Unemployed.

I’d like to give
a few brief reasons why you’re still unemployed.

1. You aren’t networking enough: Almost all jobs these days are found through networking. If
you’re applying through searching the internet, counting on recruiters or
responding to want ads,you’re not doing enough.

2. You interview poorly: It is surprising and shocking to see how poorly people interview. Chewing gum, not dressing for the interview, arguing, and saying what you will and won’t do are all interview killers.

3. You’re pierced: Take out those facial piercings!
Employer won’t hire someone with a
facial piercing or visible tattoo. It
is unprofessional.

4. You didn’t shave. Don’t go in with one of those “stubble beards.” and expect an employer to consider you.

5. You are asking too much money

6. You are Overqualified: ND,HND,Bsc,Msc,Phd all this for one job interview.Please read the requirement well.

Finally,though getting job nowadays is very hard but please consider this points next time, it might help.
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