Security man dies after winning drinking,smoking cigar bet.

A security man, simply identified as Thompson, has died after drinking a bottle of a popular alcoholic drink and smoking five sticks of cigarette in two minutes, which were the terms of a bet he entered into with others he met at a joint.

The incident happened at Agege area of Lagos on May 7, after the deceased bought bottles of Ogogoro (local gin) for his drinking companions, who then challenged him to finish a bottle of bitters and smoke five sticks of cigarette within a stipulated time.

If he had won, the friends would have paid for everything he consumed.

Vanguardngr gathered that after agreeing to the terms, the deceased opened the bottle of bitters, drank it in less than two minutes, smoked two sticks of cigarette, stood up and began to walk away.

His friend’s story His friend, 28-year-old Earnest Joseph,
who had gone out with him said:

“At about 8am, Thompson returned from his security guard job, went inside his room and slept.

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