Strike paralysed governmental activities in Oyo,Osun and C'River.

The strike embarked upon by civil servants in Oyo and Osun states has paralysed governmental activities in the states.

Public teachers shunned schools
while public offices including the government secretariats were closed.

Workers in Cross River said the situation had forced them to beg owners of private schools to give them time to pay their children’s school fees.

A worker in one of the ministries, Mr. John Umo, said, “For those of us leaving in rented apartment, we now run away from our landlords since our rents are due to avoid public disgrace.Our colleagues who have managed to own their homes are lucky.”

Another worker, Mrs. Clara Adah, said, “We now borrow to survive. We cannot pay school fees of our wards. We now beg proprietors or proprietress of private school, to allow our children attend school on credit or pay in installments.

Governor Liyel Imoke had, during the May 1 Workers’ Day rally, promised that his administration would commence the payment which he has not till this very moment.
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