Yes! Men love Sex but this can force them out.

Yes! Men love sex, they can pay their life just to ejaculate but do you know they can easily loose interests too?

See this Responses from different men


-"If my girlfriend is insulting, kills the trust and makes sex feel hypocritical."

- "I am probably also sensitive in the
fact that I never want to have sex if we have had a fight or even when there is lingering crap".

-"To me I want it fixed between us before
we get busy".

- "Believe it or not, I hate that we don't ever really talk about it."

- "She just will complain or make snide comments (which does not help).

- "I don't want to force myself to have
sex (sounds weird coming from a guy)."


- "I know it sounds absurd, but I am afraid of her getting pregnant even
though we use protection."

- "Too many rules that I can not possibly live up to (in and outside
the bedroom)."

NOTE: These responses are not my opinion.
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