Is YBNL Olamide really a copycat?

An upcoming musician whose name is Olowu Taiwo whose stage name is LT, who accused YBNL King Olamide of stealing his viral ‘Shakiti Bobo’ dance steps from him.
In a recent interview with HIP TV, the
budding star said,

“After I did my video, a friend of mine told
me the dance I did in the video (Yobo
dance) was trending on Instagram by
Olamide. And my friend told me he had
already told someone who is in Olamide’s
crew about the dance.
I released the audio version of my own
song on 22nd April, 2015, and Olamide
released his own song on 2nd May.
During that time, I was working on my
viral video which I released on 6th May.
It wasn’t up to 24 hours after that, I saw
Shakiti Bobo.’
I was like, what’s going on; why is this
happening at this particular time. I’m not
here to point fingers that someone stole
my dance moves, but I feel it’s not cool for
you to do something that you knew about
from someone else, and pick it up as your
But do you think Olamide really stole the style or this guy is just seeking for attention?
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