She wanted to die after 50cent S3x tape leak

The Florida based mom suing rapper 50
Cent for posting her sex tape online
burst into tears Monday as she t​old
Manhattan jurors ​​​the public
humiliation nearly drove her to

“I wanted everything that was
happening to me at the time — the
pain, embarrassment, the phone calls
— I wanted it all to just go away … so
I figured the best way to stop it was
to just kill myself,” Lastonia Leviston
told the jury of five women and four
Leviston — who has 13- and 16-year-
old daughters, one with 50 Cent’s
rival Rick Ross — was on the stand
after filing a lawsuit against the
“Candy Shop” rapper, accusing him
of getting the steamy video from an
ex-boyfriend and then posting it to
his website in March
“Who’s going to love a girl who’s
splattered all over the Internet?
Who’s going to marry anyone like
that?” Leviston, 33, said through
tears in Manhattan Supreme Court.
“I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet a
man who can love me past this.”
The former hairdresser, who grew up
in Miami, said her kids have been
bullied because of the tape.
“I feel like I’ve let them down as a
parent, definitely as a mom. I feel
extremely embarrassed for them,”
she said.
In a videotaped deposition played for
jurors last week, 50 Cent, whose real
name is Curtis Jackson, denied
posting the Ross-taunting video and
instead blamed his arch-enemy for
allegedly putting it up first.
“We never had an opportunity to
launch it. It was pulled out of one of
the Gmails that we had it in and it
actually went up first on Rick Ross’
site,” Fitty said.
The G-Unit rapper also admitted he
assumed Leviston gave consent to the
tape’s release because he thought she
was a “call girl” named Brooke.
Leviston filmed the 2008 tape with
her then-boyfriend Maurice Murray,
who then gave it to Fitty, the rapper
The video, which was watched by 4
million people, was edited to include
voiceovers from 50 Cent’s alter ego
“Pimpin’ Curly,” who taunts
Leviston’s body and even mentions
her and Ross’ daughter.
“I felt like I was angry, I was hurt,
like someone had just took a knife
and stabbed me in my heart and
twisted it, took it out and stabbed me
again,” Leviston testified.
She was to take the stand again
Monday afternoon under cross-
Source: Pagesix
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