LoLO!! Rihanna and Chris Brown back in Love.

On Friday night according to MediaTakeOut, Chris Brown was on Facetime  trying to get back with Rihanna .According to a woman who was in the studio with them.
An Upcoming Artiste named Assata was in the studio with Chris, and started Splin Tea on Snapchat. She claims Chris was on Facetime with Rihanna, and they were talking like they were still BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND. And the girl even gave MTO some RECEIPTS to prove what she was saying.

She has since deleted everything  but we managed to get MOST OF IT on screenshots.
Well it's official . . . Rihanna and Breezy are BACK together. just spoke to an EXTREEEE-E-EMLY close insider to Rihanna who tells us that RiRi and Chris are Together. The insider explained, "[Rihanna] is taking it slowly. She still loves Chris, and wants to make sure that this time they do it RIGHT."
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