Teenage get infected by HIV through Human Hair fixing

Here is a report i read today. Be careful where you get your weaves done ladies . . . ONLY at reputable salons:
A Georgia salon is under investigation after a teenager contracted HIV after getting a hair weave at a the salon. According to the police report, the teenager has never been sexually active and not an intravenous drug user.
The teenager
contracted the virus after receiving a popular sewn-in hair style that millions of women across the world wear. Proper procedure of the hair style calls for braiding of the natual hair, then attaching human hair or synthetic hair that is wefted, usually referred to as “tracks”, to the braid using a sewing method including a needle and thread.
According to the teeanager, while receiving the sew in weave, her scalp was was punchered several times with the needle, causing bleeding in the scalp which later became scab wounds. “I didn’t think nothing of it, it’s happened before whenever I’ve gotten a sew in” says the teenager.
Three weeks after getting the sew in weave, the teenager began to experience flu-like symptoms accompanied with aching muscles and rash, all early symptoms of an HIV infection. The girl entered the emergency room one night where several tests were performed and questions were asked.
She was released from the hospital. A week later, her mother received a call from a nurse urging them to come back to the hospital. “I was in disbelief. Total shock. I kept saying how can I have AIDS when I’m a virgin. That’s when the nurses asked me several questions and thats how I remember being wounded with the weave needle” recalls the teen.
The teen and her family, who wish to remain anonymous, have decided to take legal action in a civil suit against the salon for its unsanitary practices. The salon has already been fined by the state of Georgia.
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