Current price of items under Buhari's Administration

In three days time, President Buhari administration will be exactly a year old and things are just CHANGING whether positive or negative. This are just few things that has really experience the change under this new government.

This Prices are based on the price of stuffs in Lagos Market today.

1. GARRI: This has experience great CHANGE from the old price of N400 to N900

2. BAG OF BEANS: Old price 15, 000Naira and new price N28,500 
 3. TUBER OF YAM: Old price 250Naira , and new price 550Naira

4.BOTTLE OF RED OIL: Old price 120Naira, and new price 250Naira

5. BREAD: Old price 200Naira , and new price 300Naira

6. PLANK: Old price 7, 000Naira , and new price 15,500Naira
7. TIN TOMATO (SMALLEST): Old price 25Naira , and new price 55Naira

8. BOTTLE OF GROUNDNUT OIL: Old price 200Naira , and new price 350Naira

This are just few items average Nigerians will use daily,things are really CHANGING. Feel free to add your items

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