See The Stunt Reply Ali Baba Gave A Bitcoin Wannabe

So yesterday the online space was set on fire about a post the Godfather of comedy im Nigeria and Africa at large Ali Baba posted on his instagram account about how he met the Nigerian Billionaire Aliko Dangote and how they had both planned to share 25million naira to passionate Nigerians who are willing and able to own a business venture.

  • The post went viral because of the misinterpretion people especially bloggers gave to the post, there were lots of online campaign about Dangote's plan to dole out free money through Ali Baba which was wrong which made the IG post viral and got lots of e-stampede at Ali's gram

from Nigerians with different business ideas, plans and problems.

There were a lot of comments though but one of the comments made by people got my attention of a guy who wanted just 50k share out of the awoof he thought Ali Baba wanted to give out.

See the guy's comment and the reply Ali Baba gave him below.

Bitcoiners don't you think the guy is just a wannabe?

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